About Indigo

We are a trade-only distributor of Home Automation and AV Solutions for the residential and commercial markets. We supply premium hardware from such renowned suppliers as Aerohive, Cerasonar, Elan, Furman, Gray, Jamo, Klipsch, Krix, Morpheus, Niles, Rako, Sonos, Sunfire, Xantech and Yamaha throughout the UK and Ireland.

Within our field our many years of experience mean that we can provide you with design assistance, award winning training and marketing knowledge, all backed up with the very best in technical support.

We consider ourselves fortunate to work in such a vibrant market utilizing such constantly evolving technology, and we look forward to adding a bit more fun and a lot more functionality to your projects and properties.

Meet The Team


Managing Director

A fine man to have around if you need a fuse changing, Matthew started Indigo seven years ago and continues to steer this fine vessel towards a fully automated property interpretation of the Promised Land. Very much a family man in his scanty spare time, he has also expressed an interest in taking up Parkour in the near future...so we'll soon be able to dispense with the ladders we currently use in the warehouse.


Head of naps, playtimes, and motivation

The newest, cutest and mightiest member of our team. Bailey has the important task of chewing everything he finds, from shoes to boxes, with undeniable professionalism. Due to his very busy schedule, Bailey is not currently able to take on any new customers, unless of course you bribe him with food.


UK Sales Manager

Sales guru and constant supplier of bonhomie Dan has a tremendous level of expertise within the home automation field, as well as the world's largest supply of water feature-based anecdotes. Away from the office he cultivates an international-man-of-mystery persona via performance cars and skiing.


Internal Sales Manager

It was inevitable that with Craig’s powerful imagination he would take his love of AV systems and his extensive background in sales and marketing, and end up selling and marketing AV systems. Extensively. In his spare time he treats his body like a temple, or at least like a reasonably well-attended church youth group.


Technical Support Specialist

Many, many things have been said about Glen. Some say he comes from a retail background. Some say that anything he doesn’t know about AV systems isn’t worth knowing. Some have even gone so far as to say he’s into rugby and shooting (but not at the same time, spectacular though that would be). But Douglas Adams fan that he is, he asked to be described as ‘mostly grumpy’. He isn’t though. Mostly!


Customer Account Manager

Renowned in the office for her conviction that it’s never the quite right temperature, Danielle (alias ‘Elsa’) graduated in English and Drama from Queens before she let it go and went into sales and from there account management. Likes warm holidays and the gym.


Technical Support Specialist

Our technical support specialist Boaz has been working in the customer services and IT business for the last five years and enjoys programming, solving complex problems and playing Dungeons & Dragons in his free time. Hailing from the sunny Middle East, he strangely likes the local weather and wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Finance Director

The Sage of the hills.


Marketing Coordinator

Being always cold, Charlotte thought Northern Ireland was the perfect country to move to.


Company Director

Busy playing golf these days


Financial Controller

Numbers man!

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