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We are a trade-only distributor of Home Automation and AV Solutions for the residential and commercial markets. We supply premium hardware from such renowned suppliers as Aerohive, Cerasonar, Elan, Furman, Gray, Jamo, Krix, Klipsch, Morpheus, Niles, Rako, Sonos, Sunfire, Xantech and Yamaha throughout the UK and Ireland.

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Any Room, Indoors and Out.

Control systems, amplifiers, media servers, sound systems, speakers for all scenarios, power management hardware, cameras...all this and much more.

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David - Isight Ltd

We have been a customer of Indigo for around 6 months now and found that their website was fantastic for navigating through to find out pricing and also specifications for the products that we required. As good as the website was for gathering information and pricing, we were struggling to collaborate all of the information together in on fluent document that was easy to read but also supplied the relevant information. Recently at one of the trade shows we attended, Indigo Distribution announced that they were releasing an Application that was going to make quoting Smart Home and A/V Systems easier. My first thought was “send it to me now”. This came at the right time for us as we were in the middle of a large project that needed meticulous detail and needed good structure to ensure that we got the job. Our first impression of the Application was that it was extremely easy to setup as it knew who we were as customers and had our prices set to the correct level. Creating rooms and dropping the relevant equipment into them made our project very easy to quote for. It also layed the products out very well so we could see if we missed anything. It would give us very good reminders if we had over specified something or had too many outputs for the desired equipment. This has dramatically reduced our margin for error in quoting and in turn ensured that our pricing and specifications were spot on. The ability to add in third party products makes this application extremely versatile and allows us to use it on almost any job going forward. We would strongly suggest that everybody in the A/V industry looks at this application as it will save you time and it will add to the professional feel of your quotations. An all-round great application that we will continue to use and the way that Indigo have marketed it is excellent.

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