Xantech XT-4K-VIP-ACM

Xantech XT-4K-VIP-ACM


The Xantech Premium Video over IP (VIP) platform distributes HDMI video over a 1GB Network switch using visually lossless technology. The XT-4K-VIP-ACM Advanced Control Module allows advanced third-party control of the system using TCP / IP, RS-232 and IR. The XT-4K-VIP-ACM includes a web interface module for control and configuration of the system and features ‘Drag & Drop’ source selection with video preview and independent routing of IR, RS-232, USB / KVM, Audio, and Video. Xantech drivers built into each product’s firmware simplify product installation and negate the need for an understanding of complex network infrastructures.

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  • Control Ethernet port - 1 x LAN RJ45 connector
  • Video Ethernet port - 1 x LAN RJ45 connector (1x PoE support 9W)
  • RS-232 serial port - 1 x DB-9, female
  • I/O port - 1 x 6-pin Phoenix connector (reserved for future use)
  • IR control port - 1 x 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Web interface module for configuration and control of the Xantech Video Over IP (VIP) systems
  • Intuitive 'drag & drop' source selection with video preview feature for active monitoring of system status
  • Advanced signal magagement for independent routing of IR, RS-232, USB, audio and video
  • Auto system configuration
  • 2x RJ45 LAN connections to bridge existing network to VIP video distribution network, resulting in:
  • Better system performance as network traffic is separated
  • No advanced network setup required
  • Independent IP address per LAN connection
  • Allows simlified TCP / IP control of VIP system
  • RS-232 integration for control of VIP system
  • IR integration for control of VIP system
  • Powered with PoE (Power over Ethernet) using a PoE Switch
  • Local 12V power supply (optional) should Ethernet switch not support PoE
  • Support for IOS and Android App control
  • 3rd Party drivers available for all major home control brands

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