Elan Intelligent Video Doorbell

Elan Intelligent Video Doorbell


Available in Satin Nickel, Bronze and Black.

The ELAN Video Doorbell uses the award-winning ELAN user interface to answer the door from anywhere using phones, tablets or touch-panels. With a low profile, small footprint and popular colors, it fits elegantly with any front door décor.

Always know when someone is approaching the door with automatic notifications anytime movement is detected or monitor doors remotely via the high definition camera through the ELAN interface on phones or tablets.

And with IntelliVisionTM advanced motion analytics, the ELAN video doorbell accurately distinguishes between people and moving objects such as passing cars and swaying trees, all but eliminating false alerts. In addition to delivering automatic and authentic movement-based notifications of someone approaching the door, as an additional safety measure, the Intelligent Doorbell’s camera tamper feature sends a notice if the camera is covered, such as by a hand.

The doorbell camera seamlessly integrates with ELAN Surveillance for video recording and monitoring. It’s camera acts as one of the ELAN systems’ surveillance cameras, allowing full playback control through the ELAN user interfaces. And now, it’s easier than ever to install a video doorbell in an ELAN system. With ELAN discovery, PoE, and compatibility with legacy ELAN door station brackets (DBK1000), the ELAN door station is perfect for any job.

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Faceplate: Anodized Aluminium

Mounting: In-wall / surface

Doorbell Button: Anodized aluminium with light ring

Light Ring: Tunable colour via software

Optional Surface Mount Enclosure: Anodized Aluminium


Resolution: 720p

FPS: 30

Field of View: 140 degrees

Low light / night: RoHS, Reach, FCC Class B, CE (TBD)

Exposure: Automatic

Monitoring: Integrates with Elan surveillance (NVR)

Microphone / speaker

Audio: Full-duplex

Processing: Echo / noise cancellation

Volume, equalisation, sensitivity: Adjustable in software


Power: PoE - IEEE 803.2 at / 12VDC, 2A

Ethernet: 100 Mbps

Door Chime Relay: 24Vac, 2A

Door strike relay: 24Vac, 2A

Door sensor: Dry contact detection

Proximity Sensor

Type: Passive Infra-Red (PIR)

Detection: IntelliVision Analytics reduces false positives up to 99%

Range: Up to 5M, adjustable in software

Field of view: 120 degrees


Temperature range: 35 C to 60 C

Humidity Tolerance: Up to 90%

Protection Rating: IP65

Compliance: RoHS, Reach, FCC Class B, CE (TBD)

Weight / Dimensions

Faceplate Size: 89 x 144 x 9.5 mm

Weight: 0.25kg

In-Wall Mounting Enclosure: 70.2 x 116 x 50 mm

Surface Mounting Enclosure: 89 x 144 x 33 mm


- IntelliVision advanced motion analytics nearly eliminates false positive motion alerts.

- Integrates with ELAN Surveillance. Can be added to a channel on the ELAN NVR or used standalone.

- Light ring around doorbell button tunable to any colour.

- PoE enabled.

- Metal faceplate stands up to weather, IP65 rated.

- Integrates with existing doorbells to ring standard doorbell chimes.

- Includes a relay to open electronic door strikes or gates. Detects status of relay to show whether a gate or door is locked or unlocked.

- Matching surface mount kit available.

- Auto-Discover/Auto-Configure with ELAN configuration Software.

- Fits within legacy ELAN door station mounting bracket for upgrade.

- Adjustable proximity sensor detects movement for sending notifications via an ELAN controller.

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