Cerasonar 9062 Ultimate

Cerasonar 9062 Ultimate


Sold singly.

Powerful 2-way fullrange panel. Equipped with a 8” bass driver and two exciter drivers for mid/high range. The integrated crossover features an overload protection.
Designed for use with conventional stereo amplifiers since there is no need for further electronics or subwoofer. High efficiency and max. SPL.

The subwoofer housing consists of a stiff and light 19 mm MDF / coplar combound. Bass and exciter sections work on an isolated diaphragm.

Due to the large size of the panel, the risk of cracks is reduced to a minimum and lower to competition products. Furthermore we use a Ardex P4 primer on the diaphragm but we recommend to use high quality and flexible plaster like Knauf Uniflott or Ardex 828 as well as a joint tape.

Installation options
– Drywall 1 or 2 layer
– Achievable surface quality Q3 / Q4
– Backbox as option available
– Mounting frame for solid walls as option available

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See Installation Video Here

Power rating: 100 w (200 w*)

Impedance: 4 ohms

Frequency range: 35 – 18.000 hz

Dispersion range: 180° x 180° h./v.

max SPL: 105 db

Dimensions: 90 x 62 cm

Installation cutout: 80 x 52 cm

Overall depth: 11,2 cm

Weight: 5,5 kg

– Usable for installations in wet rooms

– Fullrange speaker

– Fits in 62 cm stud distance / 24″

– Low weight and shallow

– Very good sound quality

– Sturdy diaphragm (10 mm thick)

– Can be plastered / mudded over up to 2 mm

– Fits 12.5 mm and 1/2″ plasterboards (optional: 10 mm, 15 mm or 5/8″)

5-year functional warranty on Exciters and panels, if the installation and setup protocol has been signed and regis- tered with us. Improper use or overloading may void the warranty.

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