Cerasonar 9062 Subwoofer

Cerasonar 9062 Subwoofer


Sold singly.

Our 9062 subwoofer is equipped with a large 10″ driver for incredible bass performance. The cerasonar 9062 sub delivers very high SPL levels and can be combined with all cerasonar speaker panels. It is totally invisible after installation. The bass is distributed over a very large surface area. We strongly recommend using a joint tape and a flexible plaster like Knauf Uniflott or Ardex 828.

The subwoofer should only be installed in strong drywall constructions. Light metal studs should not be used. It is suggested to use wooden studs that are vented to allow free airflow in the drywall and to increase the size of the radiating surface.

Optional available is the backbox, this can be used to lower the sound level in the rear rooms. We recommend using the backbox for walls that are smaller than 5 sqm due to heavy compression in small compartments.

Installation options:
– Drywall 1 or 2 layer
– Achievable surface quality Q3 / Q4
– Backbox as option available
– Mounting frame for solid walls as option available

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See Installation Video Here

Power rating: 250 w (500 w*)

Impedance: 4 ohms

Frequency range: 25 – 150 hz

Dispersion range: hemispherical

max SPL: 111 db

Dimensions: 90 x 62 cm

Installation cutout: 80 x 52 cm

Overall depth: 11,2 cm

Weight: 10,0 kg

– High efficiency – max SPL level

– In optimal installations up to 25 hz achievable

– Fits in 90 cm as well as 62 cm stud distance / 24″

– Can be combined with all cerasonar speaker panels

– Sturdy diaphragm (10 mm thick)

– Can be plastered / mudded over up to 2 mm

– Very high power handling

– Primed with Ardex P4

– Fits 12.5 mm and 1/2″ plasterboards

5-year functional warranty on Exciters and panels, if the installation and setup protocol has been signed and regis- tered with us. Improper use or overloading may void the warranty.

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