Enterprise-grade 4x4, 4-stream, 802.11ax Access Points with Integrated or External Antennas

The AP650 and AP650X are designed for high performance environments combining the latest in Wi-Fi standards (IEEE 802.11ax technology), the latest in Ethernet standards (2.5G capability) and Aerohive’s software-defined dual 5 GHz radios for indoor and industrial environments. AP650 and 650X have integrated BLE and USB connectivity for enhanced loca- tion-driven services and the ability to provide additional wireless access options for IoT and other devices.

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Hardware Specifications

• 4x4:4 802.11ax ready Access Point with integrated (AP650) or external antennas • Support for 802.3bz up to 2.5Gbps.

• Support for 802.11ax

• 2x Ethernet ports (supporting 2.5G and 1G)

• Extended temperature support (-20oC to +55oC) on AP650X

• Built in BLE for ibeacon and beacon management applications • USB support for future IOT use cases

• Console port for CLI access

• High Performance Indoor environments - HD video streaming, large file transfers and HD video collaboration applications

• High client density environments, where most/all clients are 802.11ac or newer.

• Environments expecting to use Voice over Wi-Fi in addition to data. • Environments expected to use IOT applications like BLE at

deployment or in the future.

• Environments with updated switching infrastructure supporting LAN Ethernet speeds > 1Gbps.

• Industrial deployment like warehouses experiencing high bandwidth applications and/or high client densities with extended temperature range.

• Lecture halls or auditorium-like environments requiring specialized Wi-Fi setup using a mix of omni/sector antennas.

This Aerohive Networks device is backed by a limited lifetime hardware warranty. HiveCare Community Support is included with the Connect Access Point. Optional HiveCare Callback service may also be purchased.


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