Cerasonar Invisible Loudspeakers give you the opportunity to truly hide your customers’ audio. Through Indigo, you will now have access to residential and commercial truly invisible loudspeaker options that will allow you to leave room designs unaltered with the ability to play music discreetly. Cerasonar is the brand that doesn't compromise on sound, yet still delivers the invisible.


Price (lowest to highest)
Price (highest to lowest)
Cerasonar 1520 Fit
Cerasonar 2525 fit - Dual Tweeter
Cerasonar 4062 Reference - Dual Tweeter
Cerasonar 6062 Reference - Dual Tweeter
Cerasonar 6062 Subwoofer
Cerasonar 9062 Subwoofer
Cerasonar 9062 Ultimate
Cerasonar Protection Unit
Cerasonar Backbox
Cerasonar Installation Frame

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